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Imagine you're flipping through the pages of your printed album, reminiscing about that special day with your loved ones. Or, you're admiring your canvas print, marvelling at the vibrant colours and stunning composition of your photo. Or, you're scrolling through your social media feed, sharing edited photos that capture your personality and style. Photography add-ons allow you to do all of this and more, so you can cherish your memories for a lifetime.

Privacy package

30% of total order value

We respect the client's right to keep their images private. This must be mentioned before the photoshoot session. An additional privacy fee of 30% of the total order value will be levied for non usage for advertising by Blossoms by Lipika. This payment must be made before the start of photoshoot session for the resulting photos to be kept private. Read more >

Additional edited 

₹ 1,000 per 10 additional photos

Want more out of your photoshoot? Worry not, we have you covered!

  • This will be an add-on for any of the service packages

  • This add-on cannot be purchased independently without any of the services


Coming soon...


Additional pages in an album

Coming soon...


Canvas print

Coming soon...


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